Describing Nature…

A pack of hungry wolves chases a deer. The scared animal runs frenetically. She jumps over a fallen tree, which shakes as the deer’s legs touch some of its branches. She tries hopelessly to run in a different direction. The wolves follow it. One of them gets very close and bites her. The deer feels pain in her side and slows down. The whole pack catches up and surrounds its prey. The deer takes a last breath as the alpha male punctures her jugular with his fangs. Her life fades away slowly. The predators eat their prey in silence, with only some occasional grunts.

 ♦ ♦ ♦

The bee flies very preoccupied from one flower to another, collecting pollen. At one point she makes a sort of twirl in the air, as if grabbed by some kind of mini-twister. After she recovers from the spin, she lands on a flower that has long, yellow petals. The flower begins slowly to wrap its petals around the unsuspecting bee. Its proboscis deeply inserted into the plant’s nectaries, the insect is not paying attention to her surroundings. The petals envelop her in a deadly hug. Realizing that she is in danger, the bee attempts to fly away. It is too late, however. Overpowered by the flower, the insect slowly disappears. Soon, the plant opens its petals, waiting for another victim.

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