(Inspired by the film “The Brand New Testament”)


Jack slowly took a sip of the freshly poured coffee. It was hot, just the way he liked it. He was sitting by the window, as he always did. He looked from time to time to the people on the street, but not too often, because every time he turned his head he saw his reflection in the window. He did not like his face. Of course, there was nothing wrong with Jack’s face, but he always thought his ears were too big and his mouth too small, giving him the impression he looked like a rat.

Jack was slowly reaching for another sugar cube, when a little girl suddenly burst in the coffee shop and for no reason he could think of, sat down at his table.

“Hi. I’m Ea.”

“Hello… I’m…”

“Jack, I know. Listen, my father’s gonna sit here too, try not to get him angry.”


A tall, middle-aged bald man burst also into the coffee shop.

“Ah, here you are!” said the man, taking a seat next to Ea.

“So, uh… what…” Jack tried to articulate his puzzlement, but, alas, he was not very good at any kind of articulation.

“He’s my father”, said Ea. “God.”

Ea then looked at Jack’s coffee, which gradually started to divide. Jack looked in awe and remained speechless, completely forgetting about the additional sugar cube he was going to add to his already very sweet coffee.

“Why do you do that? Why do you like showing off?” said God, irritated.

“Well, I think people need some miracles in their lives, from time to time.” answered Ea.

“Don’t they have enough miracles? What do you call all the births, the nature? The children?…”

“Children whom you like to kill…”

“Well, not all of them, I let many of them live… But I don’t have to answer to you! I answer to no one but myself!”

“See, dad, that’s why only the fanatics love you!”

“Well, if I may…” said Jack, with a whimper.

“No, you may NOT!” said God, with a thundering voice. “I am the LORD thy God! And you shall shut the Hell up when I speak!”

“Dad… Let the man talk. Jack, I’ve been having this argument with God, I say the world needs a bit of change, and he says it doesn’t. What do you think?”

“Well… I think a little change can be good sometimes… For example, I’ve always wanted to change my face…”

“Dad?” asked Ea.

“Oh, okay, I guess… Here”. He waives his hand around Jack’s face. “Can we go home now?”

“Yes”, answered Ea.

The two people suddenly disappeared as if they never were, leaving Jack even more distraught. He reached again for that extra sugar cube. After a while he took a peak at the window, seeing again his reflection. His giant rat head, on a human body. He sighed and moved his whiskers. “Not much of a change,” he thought.

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