“I’ve finally raised the money!” Juan said to himself, looking at his bank account on his computer. “Pilar and the kids will be so glad! We can finally buy our own little house! No more trailer parks!”

Juan started daydreaming about how he was going to break the news to his family. First, to Pilar. His wife for fifteen years. He remembered how they met… On a sunny day, on the beach… She was so beautiful! When he saw her, he tripped and fell on her lap… He remembered how they got to America… How hard it was for them… Then he’ll tell the good news to his two boys… Paul, fourteen, and John, twelve… They named them after their two favorite Beatles. “My poor children!” he sighed. “They’ve only known shacks and trailers… Now they’ll have a proper home! I just have to make one phone call to the real estate agent… and we have a home!”

He was about to grab the phone, when suddenly, it started ringing.

“Yes, doctor”

“Juan… I have some bad news about your tests… They came out positive.”

Juan pauses for a few seconds, just to gather enough courage to ask:

“How long do I have left, doctor?”

“Twenty-four hours. I’m really sorry, Juan. I’ve searched for a treatment, I’ve found nothing yet, but I’m waiting for a phone call from a friend who is working at an experimental drug. I’ll call you back.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Juan hanged up the phone.

“So, the headaches, the nausea… Working in that goddamned factory for so many years finally took its toll…” Juan pondered, still in a state of puzzlement. “What am I going to do?… There must be something, a cure, a treatment, something… Even an experimental treatment… it’s better than nothing…”

The phone rings again.

“Doctor! Tell me!”

“It’s… really expensive, Juan… The experimental treatment costs as much as a house… And remember, there are no guarantees… Think about it, but don’t take too long.”

“Thank you, I will,” said Juan, hanging up. He thought about Pilar. Her beautiful smile when he comes home every night. The boys. Always happy to see him. Smart and hard-working. And the poverty they lived in.

“There’s nothing to think about.” said Juan to himself. He picked up the phone again and dialed a number.

“Hello. Yes, I’ve decided. I want that house.”

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