I’ve always wanted to learn to do tricks, like my dad. The thing is, my memory isn’t very good. Whenever I go back aboard this ship (which I guess I can call my home), I always forget one thing or another. Like the other day, for instance, I forgot about the tiger. I was supposed to bring a female tiger, but I brought another male. I guess the other one is just gonna have to pretend it’s a female. This happens a lot on this ship, for some reason. I mustn’t forget what to feed to whom. The carrot goes to the rabbits, not the lions. Speaking of which, I must remember to build an appliance to feed them. The last time I went into their cage, they almost bit my arm off. The only animals I like are the crows. They just sit there, on their rings made of wood. Filthy animals, though. Mustn’t forget to clean their filthy cages. Otherwise, my father, Noah, would just explode…

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