First Person

It was a Tuesday morning when I left my house to go to the dentist. I had made an appointment the day before because of a serious toothache, probably caused by the insane amount of candies I ate that day. I suppose one can say I have a “sweet tooth.” I’d be laughing if I wasn’t in such pain. I’ve always loved candies, even though I know they’re not good for me. Anyway, I walked to my car when I saw this… thing. How can I explain it, it was something between a scrawny cat and a scrawny dog, if the cat had paws like a dog, and the dog had ears like a cat. I approached it cautiously, my curiosity being aroused. The damned thing jumped at me. I recoiled in horror. But the cursed beast managed to stab my leg with its filthy fangs. Terrified, I ran for my life, the toothache disappearing as if it never existed. The pain in the leg, however, got me and I fainted. I woke up the next day in a hospital, the doctors around me marveling at my dog paws and cat ears.


When he woke up that morning, with the dreadful thought that he had to go to the dentist, Phil had no idea what tribulation, even more horrific than a dentist’s drill, was expecting him, right outside his house. For on that ill-fated day of November 15, an experiment had taken place at a laboratory right outside the city. The experiment involved the DNA splicing of a cat and a dog with an alien organism with mutagenic properties found in a fallen meteorite. This proved to be a disaster. The unholy creature was as aggressive as it was hideous. It had been developing for several weeks in an artificial womb, when all of a sudden it had opened its demonic eyes and had burst out. It had attacked anyone in sight and had headed for the city. It was there that Phil encountered the fiend. The hellish thing jumped as high as it could and, following its savage instincts, bit the poor man’s calf. Phil screamed as loud as he could, but there was no one to rescue him. Scared for his life and in agonizing pain, Phil ran as fast as he could to get away from the beast. Alas, he did not get very far. The mutagenic saliva had started to work its way into his blood, and slowly turn him. The pain was unbearable. He fainted a few blocks away from his attacker. The scientists found him and took him to the laboratory, where his mutation will be studied for years to come.

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