My name is Lucian Lupescu, and I’m a full-time translator since 2008 who occasionally writes fiction (I wrote a book – you can read some reviews of it on Goodreads). I also did some independent forensic linguistics research. And I’m also a rambler who’s trying to understand the world he’s living in. Some of my articles were published in Philosophy Now and Translation Journal.

The title of this blog was supposed to be just “ramblings”, but it was already taken. So was “just ramblings”, “rambling”, and any kind of other variation and synonym for “rambling”. So… there you go.

You will find here posts about various things, but, from time to time, there will be a movie review. I only write about films I like, that’s why I recommend all of them.

All the texts and drawings are mine (protected by copyright), unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Thanks for your visit.



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