My name is Lucian Lupescu, and I’m currently a full-time translator who occasionally writes, although I would rather be a full-time writer (and you can help me with that by supporting me via Patreon).

The title of this blog was supposed to be just “ramblings”, but it was already taken. So was “just ramblings”, “rambling”, and any kind of other variation and synonym for “rambling”. So… there you go.

The so-called “philosophical” texts you can read here were written first and foremost for myself, to clarify some of the ideas I’ve had running in my head. I do not claim to be a philosopher, just a guy who’s trying to understand the world he’s living in.

You will find here posts about various things, but, from time to time, there will be a movie review. A few words about those movies – you might notice that I recommend all of them. That’s because I only review films I like. I’m not a movie critic, so I don’t have to see every flick that’s out there, and of all the ones I see, I don’t have to write about the pictures I don’t like. Another thing you might notice is that I write about relatively obscure movies. The reason for that is because there are already millions of websites talking and reviewing classic, well-known films, or the latest summer blockbuster. What I’m trying to do here is draw attention to some little gems that in my opinion deserve a wider audience than they currently have.

All the texts and drawings are mine (protected by copyright), unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Thanks for your visit.



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