“If” – the element of doubt. The element of uncertainty. The element of possibility. A word that can represent skepticism, but also insecurity. Sometimes it can lead to panic. Sometimes to paranoia. Sometimes to great masterpieces. A simple two-letter word can mean or can lead to so many things. It can induce hope to a sick man – “What if tomorrow they will find a cure?…” Or it can be a reason for anxiety for a student: “What if the teacher asks me a question?…” It is the element of condition. A condition that can be accepted willingly and thinking with pleasure at the future reward: “If you do that, I’ll kiss you!” or, on the contrary: “If you do that, I’ll smash your head!”

It seems that this word is closer, from a certain point of view, to our hopeful, anxious, ambivalent nature that any other word. Creating panic or hope, great visions into the future, theories and possibilities, utopias and dystopias, the journey of the mighty “if” continues along with the journey of the human race.